Automation Maturity Index.

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New symphonies of humans, bots and AI.

With Mike Heffner, Vice President, Solutions and Industry Go To Market at Appian Corporation.

“Sometimes change requires a burning platform,” says Mike Heffner, Vice President for Solutions and Industry Go To Market at Appian, referring the disruption of the pandemic. “What's remarkable and noteworthy about where we are now is the technology is here,” he says. “That wasn't always the case.”

And Heffner should know. With over two decades of experience in financial services, he has watched the industry transform itself many times over. The difference now, he observes, is the speed at which change is happening.

“I think we've moved beyond the question of should they migrate mission critical work to the cloud? We're not really debating that anymore. It's just, how quickly can we get there,” Heffner says.


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